Additional Options
Huge benefits are: 
Option of choosing either the B or G string for raising the pitch for super easy
pedal steel guitar effects. 

Fully CNC machined lightweight aluminum permitting perfect alignment and
direct fit. 
Installation simply requires a screwdriver to install using the existing string
saddles and screws from the guitar.

No spring fatigue with different weight guitars as with other brand benders. 

Installs without damage to the instrument. 

No extra holes to drill, no special routing, rods, special cables, arms or straps
to operate.

No assembly or disassembly required. 

No modifications are necessary to either hard shell guitar case or gig bag.

Easily transferred from guitar to guitar!

The handle is ergonomically placed within reach of the little finger of the right
hand and requires no learning curve or re-learning right hand technique.

Also available for left hand players.

Use sitting down in a recliner at home or on stage.

Retains guitars warranty. Simply remove the bender and reinstall original

Several models are available: 

Tele, Strat and other Fender style guitars. Gibson style two bolt stud tailpiece.

Two unique industry firsts:
A string bender system for a Strat style guitar. This model offers both string
bending and retains full vibrato function.

The second bender system offers a two bolt Gibson style convertible model
string bender system that is compatible to mount a Bigsby Vibrato.

This model gives the player the choice of string bending or by removing the
bender handle and other components, the plate becomes the receiver unit for
installing a Bigsby Vibrato. This model is pre-drilled and tapped with the
Bigsby Vibrato bolt pattern insuring perfect alignment without having to drill
holes in the top of the guitar.
The Tremor Bender is priced far below what is on the market bringing it in the
price range of a stomp box.
With a much lower cost, ease operation and installation, Tremor Benders have
re-invented the way musicians think about string benders and are providing a
very useful tool in their performances.
Players are raving how simplicity and function have finally come together
in such a easy to install and use product.

Disclaimer: Tremor Bender is not affiliated with Bigsby,
Fender Musical Instruments Co. and Gibson USA Inc.
(Thompson Products Co. reserves the right to change
specifications without notice.

Built In America By Musicians For Musicians
    The Worlds Finest String Bender
  Preserving the integrity of your guitar one
bender at a time.